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Waterproof Breathable Fabrics

    Once the gore-tex patent ran out, This technology sored even higher and in the last couple years has had much improvement. These fabrics can come in multiple layers 2, 2.5 and 3. Mainly to be used for different purposes. WPB's  (Waterproof breathables) use either a membrane or a polyurethane spray, specially treated to be microporus (breathable). Both have there advantages and disadvantages. 

    Lets talk about the layers. These are usually very thin and either get laminated together or a spray and printing is applied (Like in a 2.5 layer to protect the spray and make it more comfortable ie. pertex shield) There are WPB's with just a Face fabric and treated poly spray as well.  A 3 layer like some eVent uses  a poly or nylon outer face fabric with a DWR coating. This is your first protection against the elements. Next is the e-ptfe membrane this is the part that makes the jacket breathe the most and needs to be protected.  Finally you have a liner,  usually a thin tricot mesh that protects the membrace and for user comfort.  All these layers come together to create 1 fabric,  all doing there part.


           I often hear people say "My Jacket wets out"  or "Mine is soaking through"     ON ALL WPB Jackets there is a DWR coating (Durable water repellent finish) This is your first protection and doesnt last forever. IF your DWR is worn off the entire jacket will fail and not work correctly. How do i know if my DWR is worn?  Take it in the shower and if water does not bead up and roll off you need to replace it.   I go hiking about once a month and recommend replacement once a year. 

    How do i replace my DWR?     I personally use Nikwax tx-direct but there are many others. I hand wash it in a bucket with luke warm water ,with the product. Thats just me but there are instructions for each product, however i recommend doing it by hand. This will bring your WPB jacket back to life!




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