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    • LUL Vapor 30 Rain Shell (eVent)


      Based on using the eVent membrane we have sourced and aquired a state of the art fabric for LUL. It is extremely durable and is manufactured with lightweight 30 denier rip-stop face fabric, newest ePTFE membrane , and custom 13Denier mesh liner all laminated together. This type of manufacutring makes one superior waterproof breathable fabric.  The Rain Shell will have a waterproof rating or HH of 15,000mm  and an awesome breathability or MVTR of 30,000g/m2 . This Rain Shell can battle whatever conditions you throw at it , and will exert body heat faster than most products on the market. It is hard to believe such a lightweight product can be so durable. I have been building custom gear for several years and I can say without a doubt this shell is arguably one of the best in its weight class. 
      Great for winter conditions and harsh weather while still being lightweight.
      NOTE: color is more darker olive than tan-ish as showing in the pictures.
         The Vapor 30 Rain shell specs!!! 
      - Comes complete with heat sealed seams
      - Durable 30 denier Rip-Stop face fabric
      -  Custom #3 ykk uretek waterproof zipper
      - 2 Hood adjustments face cinch + brim back and forward
      - 1 Handed waist cinch with anchored cord lock
      - Elastic cuffs
      - Burnt olive color    
      -  Weight       with pit zips, chest pocket, adjustable cuffs and heat sealed seams   8.7oz

    • Cuben Fiber Over-Mitts


           Each set is entirely hand-made, seam taped and ready to go. They are made from .75 oz. sq yd cuben fiber for durability. They are amazingly light at under 1 oz (.8 oz to be exact) The wrist area has a Ultralight 3/8 side release buckle with firm grosgrain to tighten down. The over-mitt can also be cinched down to prevent snow from getting in. This area uses 1/16 shock cord and reinforced grommet. During construction the entire glove is seam taped to be completely waterproof.  Weight is .8 oz size large by default. If you need a XL please indicate in the note section at checkout.
      NOTE: Current picture is white, We will send black, not white.   Unless you want the heavier cuben fiber in white, which will weigh about .3oz more.
      Please Specify in the note section upon check out if you want the havier white cuben mitts, otherwise they will be black.

      Weight: 0.8 oz
    • LUL Micro10 Rain Shell


      Waterproof breathable Fabric technology for Rain shells has come a long way in the last few years. This fabric produces specs Higher than anything in its weight class @ 1.4 ounces per square yd.  breathability as high as eVent, but weight lower than pertex shield. This is my Micro10 rain shell, packing to about the size of a tennis ball but capable of battling some pretty good rain storms. Those guys looking for the highest performance Rain shell but weight to a minimum , This is the pertex shield killer and my new personal Rain shell. Just thought you would want one too!

      Personal Notes:   This jacket is great for high exertion activities. Wearing while hiking in the rain, keeping sweat to a minimum , and the rain out is where this excels most. 


      Fabric: 10denier Rip-Stip face fabric, 2.5layer laminated waterproof-breathable

      Waterproof level:  10,000HH         

      MVTR (Breathability) 27,000g/m2

      Comes with Taped seams

      Elastic cuffs

      Custom #3 ykk uretek water resistant main zipper

      2 hood adjustments with stiffened brim

      1-handed anchored cord lock waist adjustment

      Integrated Stuff sack chest pocket (If you choose that option)

      Packs roughly to the size of a tennis ball

      weight: 4.1oz with taped seams

      NOTE:  Pictured guy -LUKE!  is 5.11 tall, 157lbs, 32" waist. Wearing a size medium for a size reference. I can still get a down layer underneath.

       (Click on the photo for a better look!  )



    • LUL Over-Mitts


      These are a 2.5 layer waterproof/breathable mitten designed to go over an insulating layer of fleece or similar gloves to protect you from the elements. The wrist area has a 3/8 Side release buckle with elastic that can be tightened up to fit properly. The gauntlet of the glove can be cinched down to keep the snow out by using an anchored cord lock and shock cord. At a weight of 2 oz. this greatly increases your hand warmth and keeps your pack weight low.
      COLOR NOTE: Black is pertex shield fabric or equivalent specs 
                                Charcoal grey is pertex endurance fabric  (Lightest version)
                                Dark Grey-  2.5 layer (Same as pertex shield weight and specs)
                                Red - Pertex shield
                               Multicam- This is epsilon 1.55oz fabric, extremely good quality fabric  with an even better DWR. While not waterproof, They are decently water resistant. NON-TAPEABLE

      Weight: 1.8 oz
    • LUL Vapor 30 Rain Pants (eVent)


      Using the same custom made eVent based fabric as my Vapor 30 Rain Shell,these pants are not only extremely durable for there weight , but will pack down to the size of a soda can. Need to go bushwacking off trail? YES they can do that too! With an MVTR Rating of 30,000gm2 they can exert body heat faster than most products on the market. As far as Rain,  a Waterproof 15,000mm HH will definetly keep you dry.

      Vapor 30 Rain Pants specs

      -Comes with heat sealed seams

      -Burnt olive color

      -Durable Rip-Stop 30denier Face fabric

      -1 handed anchored cord lock cuff cinch

      -Adjustable waist

      -weight    6.9oz with ankle zips


       Please write your waist and inseam in the note section upon checkout








    • Micro10 Overmitts


          Crazy light, and keeping your hands dry with sweat to a minimum is theses guy's specality. Strong enough for use with hiking poles and in the snow. Coming with taped seams included, anchored cord lock gauntlets and elastic quick release cuff cinch. 

      Specs :

      Taped seams included

      HH (waterproof level) 10,000mm

      MVTR (breathability)  27,000gm2

      Weight: 1.1oz

    • Micro10 Rain pants


      These are a direct match for the LUL Micro10 Rain shell. They are made from the same material and color. Specs:  adjustable waist (1/16 shock cord and mini cord lock) ,  adjustable leg cuffs (1/16 shock cord and mini cord lock),  packs a little smaller than a tennis ball, taped seams included. Room enough to wear hiking pants underneath, ankle zippers for boots and large shoes (optional) .
       Weight:  2.95oz without  ankle zips.
      Personal Note: These are great for high exertion, to wear while hiking and keep sweat to a minimum.
      HH (waterproof level)  10,000mm
      MVTR (breathability)  27,000gm2     

    • Pertex SHIELD Rain Pants (Taped seams included) ON SALE 15%OFF was $124.99


      These are a great combination of durability and small packing size. Comes with taped seams, elasticized waist and adjustable ankle cuffs. Throw them on over your hiking pants and your ready for the storm. These are a direct match for the pertex shield jacket.
      Add your pants size in the note section upon checkout . waist / inseam
      Weight: 3.7oz with taped seams

    • Pertex SHIELD Rain Shell (Taped seams included) ON SALE 15%OFF WAS 154.00


      Pertex shield is an extremely durable fabric for its weight . This will yield a jacket weighing about 4.8oz for a size med. TAPED SEAMS INCLUDED. This has the durability of gore-tex (Pac-lite) but just a little bit lighter. If you are expecting alot of rain this is your go-to jacket with a 10,000mm waterproof rating. This makes it able to handle large rainstorms but keep your pack light. Black and red colors are available. Pertex Shield represents a fusion of technically advanced face fabrics with a breathable micro porous waterproof coating. With the focus on durability, Pertex Shield combines wind and water protection with excellent comfort, by reducing condensation build-up within the garment. NOTE: This is a different fabric than my other pertex jacket. They are NOT the same. Technical specification: waterproof,  10,000 mm breathability (MVTR) – 7,000g  Main features include: balanced wind and water protection,  core performance and excellent durability. Shell Specs: taped seams included,  adjustable waist,  2-way adjustable hood,  elastic cuffs and *NEW* reinforced hood brim

    • Silpoly 4K Rain Shell


         This version of Silpoly is the heavier but much more waterproof version. Although the other one worked just fine, I saw the need for people who want lots of pockets or are in climates with really heavy rain. Hand pockets hold up much better with this material. The main difference between this and my other Silpoly rain shell is the extra coating of polyurethane on the inside and the ability to have taped seams.


      Made from a 1.1oz polyester ,  with a silicone coating on 1 side and polyurethane coating on the other.

      Hood face cinch and stiffened brim

      elastic cuffs

      1-handed waist cinch with anchored cord lock

      Waterproof Rating: 4000

      Custom #3 ykk uretek main zipper

      Weight: 4.8oz without pit-zips.     +.3oz with.   

    • Silpoly Backpacking poncho


      Often times I've needed rain gear to cover my pack and me while hiking. A poncho does just that but i needed a cooler one and of course lighter. This is it. Made from silpoly fabric. Full featured hood and four d-rings along the bottom side. With the included shock cord and mitten clips, you can keep it from flying all over the place in high winds. A longer piece of shock cord included for use with a pack on. The poncho is oversized and hangs down to your knees to keep the water mostly off your pants. Stuff sack included. Size: 58 x 82 
      Weight: 4.9oz

    • Silpoly Ultralight Rain Pants


      These make a great addition to your rain shell. High strength surged construction. Made from .9oz silpoly with 1/16th shock cord adjustable cuffs and waist. It weighs 2.6oz (+.5oz for ankle zips)  Comes complete with a matching stuff sack.  
       Note: These pants are best as an around camp pant and not so much for hiking. If you want pants for mostly hiking choose my pertex shield pants, Micro10 or the eVent pants.
      -Please write your waist and inseam in the note section upon checkout
      Weight: 2.6oz

    • Silpoly Ultralight Rain Shell


      Weighing in at only 3.8oz (without pit zips) +.3 with, this is an extremely light and durable waterproof rain jacket. It is made from a .9oz xenon sil.  The hood has 2 adjustments , face cinch and brim back and forward. Lightweight elastic cuffs and 1- handed anchored cord lock waist adjustment. The jacket uses a custom made #3 waterproof zipper from YKK. It comes complete with a stuff sack.  Size small available  *New reinforced hood brim*
      Waterproof Rating: 1500, I've used this rating fabric for a long time and has worked great. My Personal favorite as weight to waterproof level.
      I personally only recommend a chest pocket  Due to the weight of this fabric , hand pockets will tend to wear the garment quicker. As they are used way more. Plus i think just a chest pocket looks better.
      Shown color is Dark olive green, all colors are darker verions charcoal grey etc...
      Pictured guy, Luke!  is 5.11" Tall, 157lbs with a 32" waist . Wearing a size medium for size reference. I can still get a insulating layer underneath.

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