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I'm doing my best to get previous customers taken care of and limiting incoming orders.

I can't even express in words how great, and loyal this community is.

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    • Robic7 Down Sleeves


      These are matching sleeves to my Robic7 down vest. Adding them to your vest makes a great modular cold weather system. Use them on your legs or even as a pillow. The outer fabric consists of a superlight 7Denier Robic fabric and a high quality super soft 10denier inner fabric. Both combined they hold 1.2oz of down, 900FP Hyper-Dry water-resistant down.
      NOTE: These are not the matching set for my argon down vest. Please choose the argon down sleeves. (There is a difference)    
      Weight: 2.8oz

    • Crazy Warm Down Hood


       A great addition for your top quilt or vest, this hood design is baffled (Not sewn through) made with Ultralight 10d fabric and 1 oz of 900fill WR-down. It has a draw cord around the face and a custom cut fit around the shoulders to keep all the heat in. This is sure to keep you warm in the cold!
      - Simple Pullover design
      - Packs smaller than a tennis ball
      **Now with Hyper-Dry Water-Resistant 900FP Goose Down
      **Now with Argon 10denier Ripstop Fabric.
      Default color is a black outer and copper inner, but you can get grey or copper as the outer

    • Custom ultralight down Top Quilts


      We are now making Custom top quilts upon request.  We use top quality 900FP/ DWR Hyper-Dry Goose down (Comes with certification tags)  The bag is Made using Argon .67 10D Rip-Stop Fabric for an extremely soft high quality down product. Comes with a cinch neck to keep the heat in on really cold nights. Baffles use .7oz mesh to save weight with a 2" over-all height on the 20 degree bag.

      New!  7D Robic Waterproof/Breathable Outer Fabric is available.  Great if you may get a light spray come in or you use small tarps. This will keep your down dry to retain its full warmth.

      You choose the style: Sewn bottom or zippered

      Colors: Black, Dark grey, Copper           (Any combination inner or outer)

      Comes with a sil-nylon stuff sack

      Length:72"   Width: 48"

      My Standard bag is a 20 degree rating with a fill weight of 12.5oz

      Zippered bottom: $ 299

      Sewn and baffled 3D footbox:    $315

      Please write in the note section upon checkout the color scheme you would like.

      sewn weight 16.1oz


    • Down Leg Warmers - As Seen in Elle magazine


      These custom leg warmers are featured in the September issue of ELLE magazine.  They are super high quality and are so warm...incredibly chic and fashionable to.  You get  two for one!!!  What I mean by that is you can either use the the red or yellow color on the outside or reverse them to black.  They work for any time of year.  For those who want to know, they are made with the highest quality Argon Rip-stop nylon and filled with extremely warm 800FP goose down. They have a lycra finish on the bottom cuffs and adjustable shock cord upper channel so one size fits all.  A stuff sack is included so you can easily pack them away in a purse or where ever when you are not using them. 


      Featured in The September Issue of Elle magazine pg.514, 518, 521. The two color choices are yellow/black or red/black


    • LUL Argon Down Sleeves


      These are a great addition to your down vest. They have lycra cuffs and  a cinch channel at the top with 1/16 shock cord and cord lock. To keep them up and snug there is a larger peace of shock cord with line lock running from one sleeve to the other. Both of the sleeves combined hold about 1oz of down.  
      Weight 2.9oz.
      (One Size) contact me if you have Larger arms.
      Uses Hyper-Dry Water-Resistant 900FP Goose Down
      Made with Argon 10denier Ripstop Fabric
      Also use them as a pillow or leg warmers

      Weight: 2.35 oz
    • LUL Argon Down Vest


      My Ultralight down vest is second to none. I use high quailty Argon 10D Fabric and it's almost 1 oz lighter than any Large production vest and carefully handmade one by one. Each baffle is weighed and stuffed individually for supreme warmth and loft.This is one of those items you don’t mind bringing along with you. At only 4.2oz this is sure to keep you warm on those brisk Fall evenings. It has a down Filled collar and 1-handed anchored cord lock adjustable waist. 
      Comes with sil-nylon stuff sack.
      Uses 900FP Hyperdry DWR down
      Color options: Black outer/copper inner       Dark grey outer/copper inner
      Available in a pullover or a full zip at the same price. YOU CAN ONLY GET A KANGAROO POUCH ON THE PULLOVER OR STEALTH POCKETS ON THE FULL ZIP.   Please write in the note section upon checkout which style you would like.
      Down fill weight : 2.2oz for a med

      Weight: 4.2 oz
    • LUL Down Jacket


      There's alot of down jackets out there, but if you want serious quailty materials all the way through. This is it!    Handmade in my shop,we use some of the best lightweight ripstop nylon available and fill it with a high quality down. I source everything personally to make sure you get what i would want.
      -Full zip or pullover available  (Please specify in the note section upon checkout,  You can get stealth pockets on the full-zip or a kangaroo pocket on the pullover ONLY)
      -Argon 10D Fabric
      - #3 Coil Ykk ultralight main zipper
      - Overfill down collar   (Hood optional)
      - Lycra Cuffs
      - Hidden underneath style waist adjustment for a cleaner look
      - Total Fill = 3.6oz with hood version 900FP Hyper-Dry
      - Color options:  black outer/copper inner         Dark grey outer/copper inner
      -weight-6.9oz w/hood
      Main picture is the Dark Grey outer and copper inner color. Its hard to tell the black and grey apart in photos. I personally like the Grey outer the best.

    • LUL Robic7 Down vest


         This vest can be worn in light rain and snow. Using my new 7D Robic Waterproof/breathable as the outer layer and a super lightweight 10d fabric inner, this vest has winter time performance written all over it.This has a beautiful dark charcoal grey outer and copper inner. Stretch lycra finishes off the arm holes and stays snug keeping the heat in. The waist uses a 1-handed anchored cord lock for adjustment.  This all gets zipped together with an ultralight #3 ykk zipper. I even have the sleeves to match.  Uses Hyper-Dry Water-Resistant 900FP Goose Down (2.2oz per. Vest)  Overfilled Collar
      This new version drops the weight from the old pertex at 4.8 to 4.2oz
      Weight 4.2oz
      You can get this in a pullover or full zip. YOU CAN ONLY GET A KANGAROO POUCH ON THE PULLOVER OR STEALTH POCKETS ON THE FULL-ZIP. Please write in the note section upon checkout which style you would like.

    • R7 Down Pants


           When you need warmth in extreme cold , or are just a cold blooded person this is what you throw in your pack. Yea there kind of goofey looking to wear and when your firends laugh at you for wearing them, you'll have the last laugh when there shivvvering that night!    The outer fabric is made from a Waterproof/breathable 7denier  robic ripstop.keeping your butt and down a little dryier in wet conditions. A super soft Argon10denier nylon lines the inside while 900FP Hyper-dry down sits inbetween. Keep your legs and butt happy this winter!


      Adjustable Waist 

      Fill weight: 2.8oz 900FP hyper-dry Goose Down

      Adjustable Ankle cuffs with achored cord locks

      Fabric:  7D Robic WPB Outer / Argon 10D inner

      Finished Weight: 7.8oz

      PLEASE WRITE YOUR WAIST AND INSEAM IN THE NOTE SECTION UPON CHECKOUT!   if your bigger than a 36" waist or inseam longer than 34" you will be charged $10 more.


      NOTE::Image is of the old pertex outer fabric , but are very very similar in color.

    • Robic7 Down Hood


      This is the same style as my Crazy warm down hood , but we added the Robic 7denier waterproof breathable fabric for the outer shell. This gives you the ability to leave it on in light snow and rain. Combined with 900FP hyper-dry DWR down,  you've got one storm-worthy down hood. This works great for hammock top quilts!
      Weight: 1.5oz

    • Robic7 Down Jacket


       This is my newest Waterproof Breathable down garment. Sporting a super Strong Robic 7denier shell that is both waterproof and breathable. Thus being able to wear in light rain and snow, While keeping the weight extremely low for the performance it gives.  The inner shell is a super soft Argon 10D Ripstop nylon, and we can't forget about the highest quality 900FP Hyper-dry down nesting Nicely in between.  This jacket uses nothing but the highest quality materials we could find, sewed in house, stuffed in house. If you want to stay warm and dry , this may be the option.  
      - Kangaroo pocket (Down filled) optional
      - 3.6oz of 900FP hyperdry down inside (With hood)   For supreme warmth
      - Hood is optional
      - Robic 7denier outer WPB , Argon 10D inner fabric   (Copper pictured)
      - 1-handed adjustable waist with anchored cord lock
      - Lycra cuffs
      -Weight   6.9oz w/hood and kangaroo pocket          
      -All Packaged in a nice and neat matching stuff sack!
      -This is available in full zip or pullover, let me know in the note section upon checkout   (KANGAROO POCKET ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE PULLOVER)  Full zip- Choose stealth pockets

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