A note from Luke

Hey Guys!   

We're up and rocking!!

I'm doing my best to get previous customers taken care of and limiting incoming orders.

I can't even express in words how great, and loyal this community is.

We started a little slow getting things running, but we're now shipping about every other day.

Thanks for your support and we will keep you updated with the latest updates.

Customer Reviews

    • Hi Luke:

      Received my jacket and just wanted to let you know that if you had given me a private fitting, it could not have come out more perfect.  Thanks for taking the time to help me get it right.   Love the feel of the fabric and the fact that it's also quiet which are bonuses.

      Do you have any recommendations on how I can care for it to keep it as weather resistant as it is when new?  I've used a lot of waterproof breathable products over the years but never eVent.

      Thanks again, just a perfect jacket.   Wore it 3.5 miles into the mountains today in the rain and it was wonderful.... breathes fantastic too.   It's lightweight but not flimsy so I think I'll get a lot of use out of this.  Unlike someone who might use it occasionally when camping, this will be my go to jacket and will get used daily.

      chuck S.
    • Luke,

      Got the jacket today and it's awesome. Great quality, attention to detail, and lighter than I imagined.  It also fits perfect.  You definitely exceeded all my expectations.  Will be ordering more from you in the future for sure.  Thanks!

      Ben B
    • I received the jacket and hats today. As you predicted they fit perfectly. We can't wait to get outside in them. Thanks again for the awesome gear and for your service to our country. 


      Matt P
    • Hi Luke
      I got the jacket.  It looks great, fit seems perfect.  It’s LIGHT as in “where is it?”.  I’m waiting for some rain to test it out.  But it seems completely awesome, at 6.9 oz.

    • I received the eVent rain pants today (and also Med Cuben Stuff sack) ...

      the pants fit PERFECT (no other word for it) and the superior construction is self-evident!

      Thank you so much for the work you do, and not to mention, way ahead of promised schedule.

      I anticipate future orders with LUL!

      Gregory S
    • I just received my silnylon rain shell. This was my first order from Luke's
      Ultralight, and I just had to comment on the quality of my new rain shell. I
      would put this up against any so-called big name manufacturers. The finish is
      superb, and the fit is spot on. The quality of the stitching is impressive,
      with no loose threading anywhere in the garment, and all edges finished very
      professionally. Sometimes when a stuff sack is included with a gear purchase,
      it will be sub-par, almost like an afterthought. This is not the case with
      Luke's gear. Even the stuff sack for my rain shell is of the highest quality
      finish. I will definitely be ordering more from Luke in the future. Oh yeah,
      almost forgot, turnaround was supposed to be three weeks, but I received my
      rain shell in two. Thanks Luke for an excellent product, and great service.


      I just wanted to give you a little feedback on the vest. I received it promptly and it (along with the down hood) arrived safe and sound. The build quality of this vest is honestly unreasonably good for the price. The 1/4 zip option looks and functions great. As predicted, it doesn't save much weight over the full zip but it packs VERY small with such a short zipper section. And I love the inner copper color. That's pretty cool.


      The fit is perfect. I'm very glad I went with the medium rather than the large. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this. I wore it on a 2 day Rogue River Trail trip and it's really pretty awesome. I *might* regret not getting a kangaroo hand pocket, but who would have known I would wear it so much? This was supposed to sit in my trail running pack and only get used occasionally, but I'm wearing it for everything! Oh well, maybe next time I'll do the WPB Pertex with a kangaroo pocket.


      Anyway, thanks again. The vest exceeded my expectation. I haven't used the down hood yet. I put it on for about 2 minutes in the house. The fit is good, but it's unbearably warm so it will have to wait until the fall to get any use.


      Travis h.
    • Subject Line: Argon Wind Pants - FANTASTIC

      I wanted these as "spare pants" on the trail to replace my swim trunks.
      I did want deep non-zippered pockets to fit maps on-the-go, so I called Luke for a custom order - no problem! Time turn-around was more than reasonable and packaging was great.
      They fit great, feel nice and the workmanship is top-notch. They even come with their own little stuff sack, but they can easily stuff into one of the pockets.
      Sized for my 36" waist and 34" inseam, they weigh in at only 2.4 ounces - for full pants!! FANTASTIC!
      Take the plunge and Lighten Up !!
      Subject Line: Pertex SHIELD Rain Shell - PERFECT

      I've been shifting my gear over the last couple of years. I wanted lighter but more effective stuff - and I wanted it to fit right.
      I went from a boat-anchor of an "omni" rain shell that wetted out in no-time-flat to a breathable "Q" slicker that got pretty hot and stuffy - and still weighed more than I hoped.
      Enter Luke and his excellent products.
      The Pertex Shield shell is perfect - great fit and excellent workmanship - and Luke was able to custom-add an interior stuff-pocket so I don't have to carry this in a separate stuff sack (9 grams).
      The web photos do not do the red color justice - really nice and rich. The hood adjustments are just enough to get the right shape. The adjustable cuff are a nice option I chose to add.
      With my generally Extra Large size, the shell with the adjustable cuffs and inside stuff-pocket comes to 5.85 ounces - Nice.
      And on top of that, he kills the competition on price - for a hand-made, custom-tailored product made in the USA !!!
      Take the plunge and Lighten Up !!
      Subject Line: LUL Down Jacket - TRIUMPH

      Goldilocks-syndrome alert! - This jacket is Just Right!
      I used to wear a 200-wt fleece as my warmth piece. Pretty bulky, but blocks the wind semi-okay.
      In my recent efforts to drop my pack weight, I moved to a synth-shell puffy jacket. It turned out to be more of a thin sweater. Decently compressable, but I >froze< with the wind.
      I started eye-ing the alternatives and scoured the virtual countryside in search of the perfect jacket.
      I found it - the LUL Down Jacket:
      Excellent weight - just the right warmth (into the teens) - good wind-blocking - seals up your warmth at all points (over-filled collar, snug elastic cuffs and adjustable waist) - included (14 gram) stuff sack.
      Along with the 800fp HyperDry down, silky-smooth Argon fabric, full zipper, no optional hood and adjustable waist I had Luke add two zippered hand pockets.
      Add to that Luke's excellent workmanship, custom tailoring and astonishing price - compare that to a mass-produced, hope-it-fits, pricey overseas piece.
      Sized for my generally Extra Large size, this jacket with zippered pockets comes in at just under 8 ounces - Just Right!
      Take the plunge and Lighten Up !!

      Products review By Vance
    • Honestly Luke, the jacket you sent back kicks ass. It's perfect; I can't even tell it's been modified. I felt bad for asking for the modifications but ultimately I'm glad I did because the fit is spot on and it has just the right amount of down. I appreciate the extra time and care you took, for the quick turn around time, and more importantly, for your outstanding customer service. Truly. I'll be getting a vest from you later on down the road.


      It's the first time I've ordered custom gear and you made the whole experience totally worth it.


    • Luke,

      I am absolutely blown away (no pun intended) with the brown Argon 90 windpants you made for me.  The workmanship is impeccable, features are well thought out, and the weight (2.4 oz) is unbelievable.  They are just want I wanted and you hit a home run.  Weather permitting I will test them out next weekend on a weekend hike in the Arkansas Ouachita Mountains.  Afterward, I'd be happy to do a more detailed, organized review.  But let me just say that I am extremely pleased and impressed with them.

      Thank you very much!

      gerry b.
    • Got my jacket. The custom sleeves worked out great. I am very very pleased. I plan on trading with you again in the near future. Better then anything I could have bought from REI thats for sure. And American made to boot. I will recommend you to everyone. Thanks Luke.



      David K.
    • Thank you so much!

      This one fits perfectly.  Even the diameter is better.  Slightly bigger and easier to slip over pad.

      The length is just right to cinch up over the end.

      I even like the camo color better.  Never was much on that “digital camo” look.  The replacement is better in every way.


      I’m not normally a complainer, and I was reluctant to raise the issue in the first place,…..but in this case I’m glad I did.

      You are a stand-up guy and I appreciate it.  I have sent other people to you in the past and I will continue to do so.

      I will also order from you again.



      Randy C.
    • Luke - Just received the kit in the mail. Looks awesome!! I can't say enough! Thanks again for all your help.


      Marc V.
    • Luke.....Receive the vest today. SUPER fit and the workmanship is A+

      ken L.
    • We have finally had a chance to contact you about the shells that we ordered from you way back in June! The shells have become part of our "gear" when we do urban hiking (we recently used them to keep dry in a torrential downpour in Quebec City) or outdoor hiking (they kept us dry while we hiked the Saguenay Trail in Quebec two weeks ago). You can see in the attached photo that we are thrilled with the shells and are spreading the word amongst our friends about your products. They fit both of us perfectly and I love the pockets!
      Thank you for supplying us with these shells and for your prompt service.

      Nancy & Jim
    • I received my pertex rain pants, with zippers and taped seams, and I’m very impressed with the quality (materials and workmanship). I am stoked to get out in the rain and try them.

      I just wanted to say Thanks for the great product, and hooray for Made in the USA by a small entrepreneurial business!

    • yay

      Luke comment
    • I've tested three articles of Luke's product line over the past year; the crazy warm down hoodie, Pertex down vest, and Paclite rain pants. I'm happy to report that all have done an amazing job keeping me warm and/or dry. You will appreciate the quality when you get your hands on these custom-made products. And you will want more.

      D. Boone
    • Thank you and Bravo. The suit was made perfectly, and I am completely thrilled. All the adjustment options and length additions are dialed in perfectly. There are few pieces of gear that ever fit and work this well. You are on the top listing of where I will get future gear.

      R. Brown
    • Just got back from a week-long business trip to find a little box from you. The jacket is stellar - really great. I can't tell you how long I've been looking for a lightweight rain jacket that fits my big body. At 6'5" and 285, trying to find something to fit is like trying to build a condo on the sun. I couldn't be happier with the material, quality or service. Thanks a ton and keep up the good work. I look forward to future purchases. www.jolly-green-giant.blogspot.com

      J. Green Giant
    • Luke made me a half zip pullover vest with 2+ ounces of 900fp down and black 10D fabric. Overall weight in a size XXL is only 4.62 ounces. It is very well made and quite warm. I paid June 22nd and had the vest in hand July 3rd. His service is excellent and his prices can't be beat!!

      D. Jay
    • I too have a sil rain jacket from Luke, and like others have mentioned, it is top notch craftsmanship. As well, I was able to call Luke up on the phone, and make a few customization's to the jacket. He was very helpful, and had the jacket out to me in just a few days. To be honest, it is the best fitting rain shell I have owned to date.

    • I purchased a pair of silnylon pants from Luke when he began offering them earlier this season. I was able to contact him directly with my specifications and he was extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. The pants were excellent quality and the fit was perfect. He gets a big thumbs up from me!

    • I recently purchased the down vest in size medium and am very pleased so far with limited use. The collar fits nicely around my neck and all the way up to my chin. The elastic around the arm holes is just tight enough to help prevent some heat leakage. The weight on my scale is 4.3 oz.

      J. Klinepeter
    • I took his sil-nylon rain jacket on my PCT thru hike. I wore it at some point virtually everyday, and it became one of my favorite pieces of gear. A good friend of mine just took one of his jackets on a bike tour across India through this years Monsoons, and he has reported that the gear is working out well. Plus, as mentioned above, Luke is great to work with.

      C. Frey
    • I have bought a couple of pieces, e.g. the Goretex Pacite shell, and waterproof gloves. The quality was very good. In addition, like all cottage suppliers you have the ability to customize. The prices are competitive, Luke was quick to respond to my messages, and shipped quickly

      J. Connolly
    • I just received my medium down vest (4.5 oz total with 2oz of 900fill) and a med Pertex 4 oz rain shell from Luke's ultralight. Wow!
      Seriously impressed with the weight/durability ratio!

      C. Smead

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