A note from Luke

Hey Guys!   

We're up and rocking!!

I'm doing my best to get previous customers taken care of and limiting incoming orders.

I can't even express in words how great, and loyal this community is.

We started a little slow getting things running, but we're now shipping about every other day.

Thanks for your support and we will keep you updated with the latest updates.

About Us

    Growing up in the Scouts and eventually becoming an Eagle Scout, Luke Stegner has had a long history in the outdoors. With a career in the US Army as a Paratrooper, he served in Afghanistan where he supported the 7th Special Forces Group. Luke’s Ultralite is built on his love of outdoor activities, hiking, and eye for practicality. Having learned how to sew, Luke’s Ultralite products are meticulously crafted and built to endure while maintaining a minimalist design.

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